Is it too hot to play tennis?

Of course not! Tennis is a sport where you will sweat and exert yourself. Unless you are on the courts for a prolonged period of time, you or your child will be just fine. Just remember to pace yourself and drink plenty of fluids.

Is it too cold to play tennis?

Yes and no. In the mild Virginia winters, the average temperature is usually around the mid-40s. This weather can be perfect for playing tennis. However, if it is cold enough for snow then obviously we would need to head indoors. Luckily, there are several nearby options for indoor sessions.

Do you teach beginners?

Of course! Every player was a beginner at some point. I have an equal distribution of beginners, intermediates, and advanced players.  I have given lessons to clients from ages four through sixty-four.

How young can my child start taking lessons?

As all parent do, you need to begin to teach your child to throw, catch, hit and kick from birth. These basic coordination activities will profoundly affect how young he or she can start playing tennis. If your child has mastered these skills by the age of four, he or she should be in perfect position to begin learning new skills on the tennis court.

What do I need to bring?

Lots of water and/or activity replenishing fluids! Other items can include your racquet, a towel, high-level sunscreen and a hat or a visor. Some players also like to wear wrist and head bands.