10 and Under Tennis

10 and Under

As part of a nationwide effort by the United States Tennis Association, USA Tennis 1-2-3 evolved into QuickStart and again into what we know now as 10 and Under Tennis. Under the current development, youth players are encouraged to seek out fun opportunities on the tennis courts while using reduced weighted balls, smaller head-sized racquets and narrower court dimensions.

The purpose of 10 and Under Tennis is to help grow the sport through a focus on becoming familiar with the game and its rules, all while making sure kids are having fun. These types of beginner lessons are fantastic for keeping kids active and focused on learning new things.

Adams Topspin Academy is a registered 10 and Under provider with the USTA and utilizes Menchville High School’s tennis facility in Newport News. To learn more, you can contact us at ben@adamstennis.com or by going to to http://www.10andundertennis.com.